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Electric Racing

Jeux de courses
1 usd

Do you remember those electric car tracks you had when you where little and how fun it was?Well this game is even better because here you can overtake or block cars by switching lanes!Be tactical and switch lanes so you always can lean on the railings and go faster!In the game you start of with the first car class and need to win cups in order to unlock new cars and cups.If you think its too easy/hard you can change the difficulty to another one of the 5 settings.But remember that you will get more money if you race against better drivers!
Play with up to 8 friends on LAN (Wifi) and share your tracks.
Game Features★ 3 Car classes and 48 different cars!★ Build your own tracks with up to 8 lanes!★ 12 Cups with 48 tracks! (22 unique)★ 8 Cars on track at the same time!★ Multiplayer on LAN (Wifi) with up to 8 players.★ No ads! (Free version have ads)
Note:The back button is used a lot in the game to go back in the menu
Slow Phone?If you have a slow phone you can make the game go faster by changing the graphics to low,turning off motion blur and turning off the sound in the settings.
Found a bug or did the game crash?Send an email to with so much detail you can about what you did when it happened and i will try and fix it.
This game was made by one person over 1,5 years.